Trade Your Ice Packs for Our Custom Cooled Cannabis Transport Vehicles

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Trade Your Ice Packs for Our Custom Cooled Cannabis Transport Vehicles

Temperature control without the dry ice, freezer bags, coolers or ice packs!

Low Spark, Inc. is rolling out newly installed refrigeration units in its cannabis transport vehicles, to ensure that delicate products remain at their optimal temperature and consistency all the way through delivery.

In our testing, internal vehicle temperatures remained at an average of 56.3 °F throughout the span of seven hours, in the middle of Denver’s searing heat. On this particular day, the outdoor temperature started at 84.0 °F at 11:30am. For comparison, the temperature around our test chocolate product was 51.5 °F.

This trend continued throughout our testing. At one point, the internal temperature was 57 °F, a full 35 °F cooler than the outside reading of 92 °F. We found that the internal temperature remained stable throughout daily operations, despite the opening and closing of vehicle doors by our logistics specialists.

Cannabis products such as chocolate are very sensitive to warm temperatures and susceptible to melting. However, our test product remained fully intact and retained its consistency inside our transport vehicle throughout the day.

Chocolate bar packaging is usually thinner than the actual product, and does not offer adequate temperature protection. Nonetheless, results show that our cooling units are more than sufficient at maintaining product quality and consistency during transport as the summer heat rolls in.

Need to keep your cannabis products cool during delivery? Reach out to Low Spark, Inc. Distribution!

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