Technology Can't Replace The Faces of Our Cannabis Industry

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Technology Can't Replace The Faces of Our Cannabis Industry

Coffee is brewed, snacks are packed, and the truck is fueled up. On the road again! It’s hard to believe that we get paid for this; it’s hard to believe that it’s real. This is the cannabis industry. Vettings, client check-ins, and transportation, are all valuable items when it comes to wholesale cannabis. Do you have what it takes to drive 20,000 miles a year?Face-to-Face business practices run deep in the cannabis industry, especially in the wholesale sector. Nothing beats a firm handshake and a walk on the farm. Nothing instills confidence in your client like committing to a four-hour car ride to their indoor, greenhouse, or outdoor grow.

Technology is an accessory to help organize your sales efforts, but should never be utilized to replace the human to human connection. After all, the foundation of sales are relationships. Tech is important, but also limited. Tech, as of now, cannot smell terpenes, or notice the slight variations in hand trim vs. machine trim. Technology might be capable of automating orders, but it won’t connect on an individual level and address specific needs. It may auto dial phone numbers, but it’s yet to pick up a phone to assist in putting out a fire.

The human connection is a key element in a successful wholesale cannabis venture, as is listening intently. Face to face meetings create a supportive platform for a powerful team to flourish. There’s nothing we love more than the opportunity to head back out into the field and shake a hand. There’s nothing we love more than listening and absorbing information from a lead cultivator whose passion is poured into these beautiful crops. These are the job perks that can only be experienced in person.

We’re humbled to be a part of this thriving industry.

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