Central City Dispensary – Cultivation Facility


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Central City, CO

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Package Price: $2,500,000



$1,000,000 for the grow and $1,700,000 for the Central City storefront. Real-estate for both locations is included in the price. Seller is ready to negotiate!


This listing is part of a multi-property deal. Click here to view the storefront.


The cultivation facility is located at 670 Bryant St., Denver, CO 80204

License One:

Name: Green Grass LLC
DBA: Green Grass Central City
Type: Optional Premises
License No.: 403-00459
Expires: 10/9/2018

License Two:

Type: Retail Marijuana Cultivation Facility
Type: Center – Type 1
License No.: 403R-00084
Expires: 1/1/2019


This building shares a wall with a neighboring MIP facility.


6,000 Sq. Ft.

Building Size:

3,704 Sq. Ft. (Standalone)

Flower Room 1:

9 1000 watt Ducted lights
4 Tons AC

Flower Room 2:

9 1000 Watt Ducted Lights
4 tons AC

Flower Room 3:

16 Double Ended 1000 Watt Lights
Custom Metal Rolling Plant Trays
9 Tons AC

Flower Room 4:

12 1000 Watt Ducted Lights
Custom Plant Trays
Drip System
6 tons AC

Veg Room 1:

6 1000 Watt Ducted Lights

Veg Room 2:

9 T-5 Fixtures (70 bulbs)
Lined Shelving for Water Drainage

Veg Room 3:

4 1000 Watt Ducted Lights
Lined Shelving for Water Drainage
3 T 5 Fixtures (24 bulbs)
Trim/Work Room

Security Assets:

DVR Room
3 16-Channel HD-DVRS (21 cameras total)
3 T 5 Fixtures (24 bulbs)
4-hour Battery Backup

Other Assets:

Dry/curing Closet
T-4 Trimming Machine
800 Gal RO Water System
Wash Sink
Grinders for waste


6,000 Sq. Ft.


400 Amp Single-Phase


24 Tons of Cooling


C02 By Green C02 installed in all flower rooms and veg room.

Additional Information:

• Metric Reconciliation matches on hand inventory.
• Their intellectual property is the trade name: Green Grass Central City
• All packaging is up to all current regulations.
• All lab tests have passed.

Cultivation and Production:

• Never tracked energy usage.
• Current nutrient in use is RX Green Solution.

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