77 Laser Drive, Pueblo, CO 81007 – Warehouse


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Pueblo, CO

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6 License

How many licenses this property has.


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Multi Property

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Additional Information

Purchase Price $4M


A.) $5000
B.) $5,000 (increased to $10,000 in 5/1/2018)
I.) $7,500
H.) $7,500
D.) $5,000
E.) $4,000


Total Monthly Rent — $34,000
Total Rental Income Monthly at Term — $39,000
Total Rental Income Yearly — $408,000
Total Rental Income Yearly at Term — $468,000

Cap Rate:

CAP RATE 10.2%
NOI $408,000

Broker Remarks:

The warehouse is 18,600 square feet and has been built out by each of the tenants. All tenants are in the cannabis industry and all tenant improvements are owned by the landlord. There are roughly $4M in tenant improvements in the building. The plot of land is a little under 90,000 square feet and there are blueprints to build two ~8000 square feet greenhouses alongside the building. A future tenant could come in and construct these, leaving the hard assets to the landlord, or a potential buyer could build them for their own business. Each greenhouse would rent for $10,000/month.

Additional Notes:

Even if evicted, all tenant improvements stay with the real estate. All licenses are grandfathered into the property. Some leases have not fully matured and will produce more income per month when they come to term.

Deal Specifics:

Owner Carry Option
$750,000 Down (minimum)
Rate at 7% (negotiable with a higher down payment)
Option of a balloon with no early payoff penalties
Loan term 10 years

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