Use This 1 Technique To Quickly Expose Client Needs

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Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk……wait what? It’s very easy to talk and overshadow client needs. Can you reiterate them? Looks like they don’t need anything anymore. Well, check in next time you’re in town.Place another L on the board for: Team Talk A Lot.

Does this sound familiar? This is the reality for most sales teams. Replicating the sound that used to come from Charlie Brown’s teacher during school. Remember that? The air horn out of tune. Now you will identify why you don’t own more shelf space, market share or have a better brand image.

Sales is never about talking, but always listening: navigation of the conversation in order to help your client expose their true needs, finding a solution for those that you serve; helping to create a fix for an issue they may not even recognize. Sales is a strategic approach to asset management for your clients. Now zip up the conversation and manage that solution.

The fundamental purpose of a sales representative is to be a value-add to the clients they hold. With numerous hats to wear in the cannabis industry, how does an upper level manager or owner keep up? Salespeople can either fulfill this gap or interfere with it. The best in the cannabis industry jump right into the issue and begin creating a solution.

As your client opens up to you about what they perceive as their need – stop, pause, and listen. Now start asking questions:

1. Why do you anticipate that this merchandise is the best fit?

2. ‎Have you ever considered another product (such as pre-rolls)? This product seems like a better fit! It has been well received before.

3. Are you familiar with this brand? Would you like to try a few samples? Great let’s get that order placed now.

By listening to your client’s needs, you’ll be able to identify alternate product recommendations or opportunities that would have been lost, had you failed to listen.

Are you supplying effective client solutions through listening?

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