Interview Guidelines to Help You Hire the Perfect Cannabis Applicant.

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Interview Guidelines to Help You Hire the Perfect Cannabis Applicant.

Got talent? Or need it? Better gear up and get ready – this is one of the most difficult functions of an operational role. Talent acquisition is intense, stressful, draining… but if you do it right, rewarding.

First things first. Set a standard that will be held by all applicants, regardless of how they look on paper. Do not, repeat, do not let anyone sneak through any of the assigned deliverables and/or steps. For example, if you ask for a printed resume to be brought to the first interview, and the candidate does not follow this instruction, then they are immediately a no-hire.

Filtering is your friend. A good filter is built from creating a five to six step process for applicants to go through – a set that mimics the duties of the job you’re hiring for. This simple action can help filter “best fit” candidates from undesirable ones. For instance, if you need to hire an Administrative Assistant, consider using Google calendar invites during the filtering process. This ensures that the candidates are actually organized, timely, and receptive to communications.

Tough questions result in answers. Don’t hesitate to raise difficult questions during the interview. Covering items that might be more difficult to talk about during an interview is less expensive than hiring the wrong candidate, and having to start over. Didn’t like that answer? Review it and get more details.  Seeing red flags? Time to cut the interview short and move forward without this applicant.

The cannabis industry is thick with turnover, and turnover is expensive. Filling positions with the hopes that “things work out” is a quick way to burn capital and lower moral. Find the right fit the first time and expand your team slowly, but with intent.

Your operations will thank you!

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