24/7 Cannabis. The Giant Industry Primed for High-Drive Talent

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6 a.m arrives. You’re tardy and behind the curve. This isn’t a conventional bell curve either, this one is shaped like a 7 stem leaf with ridges on the side. It is one of the most iconic and identifiable symbols in the world. And you’re late to the party.Cannabis is positioned to sweep the nation with a billion-dollar economic eruption, much like the fabled tales of the wild west, the gold rush and the oil boom. This expansion hasn’t been replicated since the dot.com era, and the industry continues to grow 24/7, month after month. Participants in our industry need to wake up, get moving and continuously capitalize on opportunities before the moment vanishes.

High Drive
/ h-eye dr-ive 
1. Energetic, exhibits prey and chase instincts, relentless in pursuit.

Example use: My wholesale distribution company saves me time and headache due to their high-drive efforts in procuring our companies’ THC based inventory. They are constantly on call, 24/7.

This is our industry in a nutshell. Matured from the days where medical dispensaries were excited about $3k days, or edible companies celebrating over a 2,000 unit month, or even concentrate companies having less than a pound of shatter as a par inventory. Today’s cannabis industry is nothing shy of a giant which moves at a cheetah’s pace.

Consistent work effort will maintain you ahead of the 7-bladed curve. The industry hustles, decisions are made quickly, product sells before you’ve even picked up the phone. Early rises, late finishes, weekend emails and always returning calls are just a few capabilities required to keep a swift pace with the giant.

Are you high-drive enough to keep up with our team? Let us know what talents you bring to the table.

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