For Best Results, Integrate New Hires Into Your Cannabis Business

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For Best Results, Integrate New Hires Into Your Cannabis Business

Congratulations – you’re hired! Now go do your job. If you have any questions just ask another employee…(Fast forward two weeks)

We are not really sure if you’re a fit for the job. What does the job entail? Well we thought you would figure this out, please get back to work…

Stop the press. Now, as an executive, owner or manager, stop and pause. Who is at fault here? This might sting, but one needs to dig deep and ask: “Why, as a cannabis business, are we unable to retain great talent? People flock to this state to get in on this business.” So why aren’t those people sticking around in your company? The answer is easier than you think.

Cannabis businesses are the hottest and most in-demand labor environment this side of the Mississippi. However, so many organizations are showing higher than anticipated turn-over, a lack of stability, and a revolving door of talent. The reason is not the talent pool – the reason is you, the owner.

A solid foundation is crucial when establishing any infrastructure that retains integrity. Your cultivation facility, your dispensary, or your infused products facility are all built to last. Why then, is your new-hire system built to fail? A solid on-boarding program is essential when supporting a new team member start out on the right foot. This program could be as simple as an hour-long presentation about the ‘who you are [as a company]’, or as complex as a three-day event to really dial in each new hire. Where does your process currently land in all this?


Known as organizational socialization; refers to the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational members and insiders.
Set your existing team up for success by helping your new hire integrate. Teach them the internal company language, explain basic business principles (like core values), lead by example, showcase SOP’s, and bring them into every “simple” piece of the large complex puzzle.

Below is a small list of items that need to be addressed every time that you bring in new employees:

Core values
Clock in and out
Accountability structure
Words we use and words we don’t use (e.g. “challenge” vs. “problem”)
Work day flowchart
New hire 90 day plan

Do this, and your cannabis business will prosper!

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